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Stephanie Nguyen
29 July 2011 @ 07:26 pm
Title: Hospital Loving
Pairing: Jongyu, bff Onkey
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Romane, Humor, AU
Summary:  "I hate hospitals...no i think I love them."

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Stephanie Nguyen
12 September 2010 @ 02:38 pm

Title:  Ready Or Not
Pairing: OnKey, JongKey
Genre: Romance, Angst?
Rating: pg-13
Summary: You better say it now or you're gonna regret it.
A/N: I got inspriation after listeing to "Ready Or Not". I was suppose to post this like a month ago but yeah...Anyways this fic is dedicated to my awesome daughter Jung-ee, meggayi .

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Stephanie Nguyen
06 February 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Title:  I Can't Tell You The End
Paring: JongYu (broken), JongKey (hints)
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: Angst
Summary: What use to be mutual is now one-sided, what use to be one-sided is now mutual. Save me from this wretched reality that use to be my dream, but now it's a nightmare.
A/N: Thanks to my lovely cousin Jenni who dedicated her precious time to beta my confusing fic. 

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Stephanie Nguyen
10 December 2009 @ 07:20 pm
Title: Because of You
Pairing: Onew/Jonghyun
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: I have fallen in love. I can't forget about you. Why does it have to be this way? What have I done to you?Collapse )
Stephanie Nguyen
10 June 2009 @ 06:42 pm
 I'm so sorry for all my readers! 
I just need to take a break from my writing. I probably wont continue writing fics for awhile. I feel so terrible for doing this. I really don't like to give up half way through things but I seem to have lost all my inspiration to write. T__T gosh i feel so terrible but forgive me! 
- Spanish Fly- I felt that this fic is just too ugh and it was so hard t continue
-  Forbidden Mirror- Aigoo, this fic was for my friend dirah for her birthday but it was so hard to continue i just lost it. T_T Im so sorry Dirah. I also felt that this fic was just not getting enough views so i stop. 
I'm so sorry everyone! Please forgive me.
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Stephanie Nguyen
12 May 2009 @ 02:49 pm
My life is offically like heaven~ I met the love of my life. LEE JINKI I FREAKING LOVE YOU!
The Hollywood Bowl concert was just so LOVED! It was so amazing~ Shinee preform two songs "Replay" and "Amigo". I though they were suppose to preform at least 3 songs but they didnt only two. I was slightly dissapointed about it but all well I got to meet them and hear them sing live! :D
Although they were just like pop up to preform next thing you know they're gone. T__T BUT they look so freaking hot and fine!
I screamed so lound I had a migrane. but who cares oklghaghjfdnlgagvlzhdlk!!! SHINEE IS SO FREAKING HOT! But their hair was all covered up thanks to their darn hats except for Onew. He was all smiles like always and oh so cute! I was all like omg, ONEW SARANGHAE~! x3
Jonghyun was so frekaign hot i thought i had a heartattack. HE was so DASHING~! GOsh his voice and Onew's were like X3 I freaking love you guys. I can now die happily. XD
OMG KEY AND MINHO's rap was just so AMAZING. KEY YOU ARE SO FREAKING PRETTY. Minho oh lord *melts* he is so freaking GAH! Taemin's hair was just  -____- wth happen to you. THE HAIR WAS LIEK WINE COLOR AND PERMY~! WTH!? It was so bad I couldnt take my eyes off it cause it was so just out there! But all well he had a nice dance break during the 'Replay' and ' Amigo' performance. THey all did an excellent job.
After the concert we went to the Wilshire ( I think that is how you spell it) we wait for about like 1-2 hours till SHINee came.  I thought i died when i saw them. THey were like BAM RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME. Like a feet! Onew was all in front and you know smiles so carefree. THat is why I love him. I was like ONEW SARANGHAE~! x3
THEN OMG! I saw BLING!  HOLY SIWON! HE IS SO FUCKING HOT!!! *mentally fans self* HE was like all cool and calm. With a hat on he change his clothe. Only Minho adn Onew still had on their performance clothes. BUT DAMN BLING IS FREAKING HOT! I WOULD MARRY HIM ANY DAY. But all well I LOVE ONEW. I didnt get to see taemin because i think he was so short and he had on a hat. All covered up. AGAIN! but yeah Bling is short too but he was the 3rd member in the line, so i saw him. KEY! ahsfhkhfh;ah  T__T. Even though he was right in front of me well i saw him but he WAS WEARING A BLACK HOODIE ALL COVER UP! I could only see his face. It look so flawless. Pretty ass boy. They had on some make up but  *drops dead* THEY ARE FINE.
When i saw the members I was like ONEW SARANGEHAE~! THEn i saw BLING. I WAS LIKE OMG I LOVE YOU! then I saw key and was all KEY~! and last but not least the flaming charisma MINHO! I was like X3 MINHO~! GAHHHHHH~! he was like arm lenght from me not evne arm lenght! LIKE  ONE FEET FROM ME. HE SAW me and smile and I think he look straight at me in the eyes when i screamed his name. OH LORD HE IS JUST SO DASHING! (so his onew). NO WONDER HE IS A FREAKING MODEL! I couldnt cam the hollywood bowl thign becasue the sercurity caught me and if they see me cam it again I'll get thrown out. I was so pissed. IT WAS A FREAKING GOOD CAM! I cam some of it . NOT THE BOYS THOUGH. OR SS501!  I WAS SO UPSET. FREAKING HD!!!  But yeah I died that day. Minho was so dashing he was like right there in front of me. BUT THEY WERE SO NINJA! ARRIVE THEN GONE TO THEIR ROOMS. I RAN LIKE CRAZY! but man I can never forget that DAY! X3 GOSH I CANT BELIVE I FREAKING MET THEM!!! GAHHHHH! *dies*
but man the manger was just intimidating. so scary. I did not se him smile at all. He was coming to were after shinee was in their rooms like down stair into the lobby and our way. My couin and her friends and me like like scooted out of his pathway and like stared at him. He was just ugh! SO intimidating. But we still love you MANEGER! :D
I didnt get to see the ss501 members but just one though Jungmin at the hotel. the fans didnt notice him but I DID! XD HE looked so freaking cute. I didnt want to shout that OMG THERE IS JUNGMIN! then i think all the fan girls would be like OH MY GOSH! *runs after him* no that would be terrible. XD
BUt yeah apparently he was outside took a picture with two fan girls then went inside then went out then came in with an assistent. XD
SS501 at the Hollywood Bowl was just so amazing. THEY LOOKED SO DAMN HOT!!! 
I like had to mentally slap myself since i was in Hot KOrean GUy WOrld again. XD Like when i was in SHINEE WORLD~
Kyujong was just *drools* man that man is freaking HOT! Hyungjong was like I LOVE YOU LEADER!! HE WAS SO HOT! I died once again.
Hyunjun was X3 I LOVE YOU MAKNAE!! HE is my favorite too. XD JUNGMIN AND YOUNGSAENG WAS JUST TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! THEY FREAKING LOVE THE FANS. like i heard when they left HB the girls were arougn their car and they roll down their windows and wave and smile at teh fans. I bet they killed bunches with their smiles nad cuteness. XD  Sucks that i wasnt there. But I heard many good things about ss501 not so much of shinee although their performance was good. Not to be mean and Im a shinee fan too BUT SHINEE WAS BEING ALL STUCK UP! EXCEPT FOR MY LEADAH ONEW! they made many of the fans sad cause they were all like trying to like send a message like "gosh back off I dont like you" while not to be bias onew was all like all ahead of veryone smiligna dn waving to the fans. BEING ALL CUTE! gosh that is why i love him so much!
anyways ss501 preform 5 songs. they preform the most. IM STILL DISSPOINTED ABOUT SHINEE. I wanted them to preform at least 3 songs! I MEAN ITS THEIR FIRST TIME THERE! but ayways yeah ss501's performance was like so freaking amazing and LOVED! they  look even hotter in person. AND THE MC was just so HOT AND CUTE! at first i had no idea he is now my other new boycrush. XD
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Stephanie Nguyen
19 March 2009 @ 07:35 pm

Title: In the End
Genre: Angst
Pairing: OnKey (broken), Onhyun
Rating: PG
Summary: In the end it's all the same
A/N: I've been so sad from writting angsty drabbles. I need FLUFF! this drabble i from key's P.O.V.

What now? Collapse )
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Stephanie Nguyen
18 March 2009 @ 06:02 pm

Title: Nothing more than this
Author: bunni102
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Pairing: OnKey (broken), 2Min (slight)
Summary: Somethings really aren't ment to be...
A/N: this is just a small drabble I worte while I was bored in class

So is this the end?Collapse )
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Stephanie Nguyen
04 March 2009 @ 08:07 pm

Lol, yeah me and another little note of my craziness. I just wanted to say that finally I have gotten my ticket to go to the Hollywood Bowl. I am so exciting! I really can not wait for the Hollywood Bowl! Im going to meet SHINee! Oh how finally my dream is coming true meeting my favorite band ever. And most of all I get to see ONEW!!! Oh lord how i Love that guy! Im so going to take my camera and video camera. I hope I could get them to sign my SHINee stuff. XD But yes Im just so hyper!

Is anyone going to the Hollywood Bowl other than me on here?!

Stephanie Nguyen
15 October 2008 @ 08:16 pm
Title:  The Memories Are Beautiful...
Pairing: EunHae
Genere: Fluff, drama, comedy,romance
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk been together for almost seems like forever. So one day they sat outside remembering the time about their first meeting.
A/N: After many many years i have finally  post this chapter 8 and I am very happy. I  also give credit to my dear cousin jenni who had typed up the first part of my fic even though she had homework to do she still typed it for me. Thank you very much my dear cosuin. and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONGHAE!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! <3 and im so sorry for this short update too and i hope it didnt dissapoint you guys. i totally failed at this chapter. T_T BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! <3

Eunhae-y goodness!Collapse ) 
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